Uber Air in Dubai

This was a sponsored project between Uber and Art Center College of Design. It was a group project. The brief was to design a terminal, vehicle experience for the future of flying vehicles that they would implement in major cities. Our group's brief was Dubai and a water terminal. I was responsible for the architecture and system layout of the terminal. The work shown below reflects my portion of the project.

The success of the project was used by Uber as material shown to their business partners and our group was invited to present our project at the Uber Elevate Summit in 2018. 

- User Experience Boarding System -

- Our Team was invited to present at the Uber Elevate conference -

and our video was shown to Uber's business partners.

- Credit: Ajay Menon for Video Reel -

Geemay Chia - Terminal Architecture and System Layout

Thomas Wibowo - Terminal Interior Design

Astha Vagadia - App Interface and Check in / Security Touchpoints

Ajay Menon - Rendering and Videographer

Remi Plewe - EVTOL design

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